Saturday, November 21, 2009

New places

So we are all moved in, getting used to the new digs, and getting used to living in the shadow of some of the best skiing in the world. The Snowpine is an awesome little lodge, with some really nice people who manage it. The rooms range from a traditional hotel room to dorm style, and if your interested in staying, we do have friends and family discounts. We open December 4th, and until then we have to work 2 hours a day then can ski. For now, Snowbird is open, and Alta should be opening this coming week. Once the season comes around, I will be waiting tables, which will be a really sweet gig, as we only serve breakfast and dinner, so what that means is that I will be out of work by 915 or so at the latest every day, and back on around 5 pm. Now, we are just waiting for more snow to fall so we can really ski!


  1. sounds like a pretty good gig perry! i might be down that way in a couple weeks- i'll let ya know.

  2. Dude, I'm jealous. Two seasons ago, Gregg offered me a job as a dishwasher, but I couldn't stay all winter. I'm bummed I didn't get to do it, but I've stayed there and it seems that it can't get much better than Snowpine. Hopefully, in my unemployed state, I can get out there at some point this winter.