Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 2 Philly to Kingston, TN by way of Blacksburg, VA and Bluff City, TN

Day 2 started out bright and early at 7:20 AM, departing from Philly, trying to make it to Kingston, TN before 10 PM with a couple of stops. Mission: Accomplished.

All there really is to say about today comes later, but the most important things that happened up until 3 pm were the music we continued to check off our checklist, and that I-81 is long, really long, like Harrisburg PA to Knoxville long.

At around 2 PM we had arrived in Blacksburg, and walked around Virginia Tech, where Jon attended school his freshmen year of college. It is a really beautiful campus, with lots of nice buildings and other things to look at. We had a picnic lunch outside the football stadium and were back on the road about 3.

From there, we met up with Ken, from Bristol, TN, another poster on the TGR forums, who showed us the gem of The Ridgewood BBQ in booming Bluff City, TN.
The place was awesome and the sweet tea was amazing. So good. We left with full stomachs and began the next 2 hour leg of our journey to Kingston, TN to my aunt Penny’s house, where we arrived, talked for a bit, then proceeded to get a semi-early start to catching some ZZZZZZZZ’s. See you shortly, (relatively) same time, same channel.


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