Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 4 Nashville, TN to Vicksburg, MS

Day 4 began bright and early with a 730 departure from Mike's house in Nashville, heading to Memphis to get some ribs for lunch.
We went to Leonard's BBQ in Memphis, and split a full rack of ribs for 2. It was quite a delicious lunch, and we got to try half wet and half dry rubbed ribs. I personally am quite a fan of the dry rubbed ribs. We then tried to find Graceland, and were successful, however, we quickly saw the 10 dollar for parking sign and turned around in the driveway. Oh well.

We then began our journey to the south, heading over to the legendary Highway 61 to travel down the Blues highway. Needless to say, we didn't stop for many blues attractions, but the road was a really nice change of scenery from the highway. We first stopped at the first visitors center, where they directed us to the Riverfront center to check out the Mighty Mississippi. The river is mighty impressive, the current was quite strong and noticeable, and was, well, slightly dirty looking. From there, we headed down to the crossroads, the intersection of highway's 61 and 49, where blues musician Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for being a blues guitar master. Lots of the areas on the old highway 61 are very impoverished, and the whole area is largely farmland. We then headed down and proceeded to drive straight through to Vicksburg.

We arrived in Vicksburg at around 530, and the hotel we checked into provided free beer? Um, excuse me? As if that wasn't meant to be. We then headed downtown to try to find something to eat, but apparently it turns into a ghost town after 5 pm and we ended up at Cracker Barrel, not bad. Now, we are relaxing watching the World Series, and getting up early to head to the battlefield, then on to New Orleans!

Oh, and one more thing about the south, you can find 40 oz. bottles of Olde English for 89 cents. That is a full dollar and 80 cents less than in Burlington!

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