Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Life at 8,530'

That is the base elevation of Alta. I have settled in quite well, and have been skiing every day since I've been out here, a total of 15 days as of today.

My front yard

Alta opened up on Wednesday the 25th, and Jon and I met up with our buddy Porter and his younger brother. As opposed to the one groomer we had been skiing at Snowbird, Alta was fairly ballsy in opening up a good amount of terrain, including Ballroom, Fred's Tree's, Race Course, and some groomers. We traversed fairly far out on the Ballroom traverse and got in some awesome 10 inch deep turns from the storm from a few days prior. We skied fairly hard all morning due to the good snow. Since then, we have been skiing Ballroom and some other sketchy, very rocky (we have roughly a 20 inch base, no more) traverses out to the Rustler area. The skiing has been very good since then, the groomers have been fun, and tomorrow we are heading up to ski Main Chute if it is open like it was today.

Night life here is fairly minimal, but we usually head down to the Peruvian Bar, or the P-Dog, where most of the employees from the other lodges go and have some beers at night. I have met some cool people so far, and am excited for the winter to get underway and for some serious deep skiing to get here.

So far, I have been doing pretty minimal work, as we work 2 hours a day for our room and board, usually skiing from 9 to 1 and working 2-4. So far I have painted doors, cleaned rooms, lots of vacuuming, and setting up for the guests that will arrive Friday. That will be nice, as I will finally get paid on the 15th. We unfortunately will have even less of an internet connection, no more tv, and no use of the common room, as it will be full of guests and we wont really want to have to deal with them when we aren't working.

Pat, Snake, and Eggroll are the other employees so far, and we are getting two more this weekend. So our crew will be a total of 7 plus Greg and Meredith, the bosses. It is a pretty sweet gig, and am really excited for the upcoming winter! Hope to see some of you soon, and to the others, come visit!

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  1. Mahalo Perry (Cold Smoke)to you for the update. Were you able to ski Main Chute today? Best Wishes to all the Snow Pine crew as your guests arrive on Friday. I am confident,with your personalities, that you will provide an awesome stay for the guests this season. Let it snow!
    Tomorrow Vermont weather 55 degrees and rain. You're in Nirvana.