Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 3 Kingston, TN to Nashville, TN

The day began at around 7:30 when I got up so that I could see my cousins before they went off to school. It was great to see Ben, as he is getting big. He is in 2nd grade and was so excited to show me his deer rifle, a single shot 22 with iron sights, which he shot two, yes 2, deer with last season. His new uncle(spacing on his name Krystal’s husband) took the antlers from his buck (a nice little 2 or 3 pointer) and made him a exceptionally beautiful fixed blade knife. The blade was Damascus looking, the antler was polished and treated, with a very nice colored accents. I was more than impressed, and really hope I can make it back to their farm and hunt with him sometime. Jon and I walked around some of their land near the top of the hill, checked out the foundation to their house, which will have amazing views of the Tennessee River Valley once completed. They have two one-ton army surplus trucks, (potentially a future project for me? Maybe…), and 13 free range horses that are roaming about their awesome plot of land.

The drive to Nashville was uninteresting, and we got into town at around 11 am. We proceeded to walk around Broadway and 2nd ave, Jon bought his elusive cowboy hat, I got a pretty sweet derringer belt buckle. We then settled down for lunch and some beers at Big River Brewing Company, right on Broadway and 2nd. We decided to just get 2 apps, and ate a huge plate of Nacho’s and some wings. We then walked up to the Ryman Auditorium and took a self-guided tour. We paid in quarters (25 dollars!!!) and they got a kick out of it after we explained our situation. For those of you who don’t know, the Ryman is where the Grand Olde Opery began, back in the 1930s. It was home to, and the birthplace of bluegrass and country music, as we know it today. The Ryman is a pretty amazing venue full of history. We then headed back to Broadway and headed into Tootsies and got some Jack Daniels and watched a pretty cool country band that had a beautiful young lass singing classic tunes.

From there, we headed back to our auto and headed to our destination that night. As we were driving, we noticed a Parthenon marked on the map, and thought that would be kind of interesting. It turns out there is a life size replica of the famous Parthenon of Athens, Greece in the park, and it is to represent the fact that Nashville is the Athens of the south. We walked around the park a little more, and saw a Saber Jet and a large train engine, more tributes to Nashville, and Tennessee’s rich history.
Now, we sit on Mike aka D-Block’s front porch waiting for him to get out of coaching basketball. From here on, we will make some dinner, have some drinks, and then head back to Nashville to see the scene at night.


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