Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catching up

So, it has been quite some time since I have updated this, but life has been pretty busy and really, really fun.

Ill begin with Christmas.
This Christmas was my first Christmas away from my family, which turned out to be harder for me than I expected it to be. For those of you that know, there is a lot going on on that aspect back home, and I think that this year was a great learning and growing experience. It would have been nice to be home, but hard just the same. I feel that getting away this year was exactly what I needed to help clear my head and focus on figuring out who I am. I sure missed the magical feeling of Christmas, as here it felt like just another day, just with some gifts and some tree with lights on it. Going to the bar we frequent on Christmas was nice, as thats where most of the friends I have made were, and it made it feel more like Christmas. Next year, I will definitely be back east with my family, where that actually occurs, who knows.

We have not received snow in quite some time, so on Monday, Porter, his brother Dwyer, Jon, and I hiked up out of bounds to the Summit of Wolverine Cirque, and skied some nice out of bounds lines. Being in the Backcountry was an awesome experience out here, escaping the crowds, having amazing views, and being able to get the hiking legs in shape.

Besides that, I am currently shopping for a new digital camera, and hoping that the snow that began today really does deliver 20ish inches by Thursday that is predicted.

Work is going well, the dishwashing shifts get a little hectic when we have 35+guests, but I feel that once the season really kicks in and we have 50, it will all come together.

Hope everything is going well for everybody!
Tips up,

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