Thursday, December 10, 2009

Full Steam Ahead

This is a quick little video I edited today, after getting out and playing in the snow. Today was a nice, bluebird day, with some deep turns to be had on the lower shoulder and graveyard areas of Alta. We had a snowstorm that started producing some snow Sunday, with the biggest day being Tuesday, which ended up providing 8-10 inches of fluff, more depending on elevation and aspect. So far, I have been skiing 22 days straight, and am getting antsy for another storm to help build this low base we still are working with. 8-10 inches of fluff is fun until you still hit the rocks underneath. We should be expecting a decent storm coming through this weekend to help build the base up.

Now, on to other parts of life.
So, here at the Snowpine, I have 5 days on, 2 days off, Friday and Saturday. Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I wait tables, and Monday and Tuesday I do the dish/laundry shifts. It is a pretty sweet gig, as my shifts start around 7 am, and are done by 9, and in the evenings, begin around 5 and are done by 830-9 as well. This leaves me with an almost full ski day every day of the week, not too shabby.

The meals we have been serving have been getting rave reviews, and include Bison Osso Bucco and Mahi Mahi. Pretty good considering the cheapest rate right now is 65 bucks a night, and that includes food!

Our other two employees showed up recently, and are pretty cool guys. I have a feeling that our crew will be a good one.

Right now, I am looking forward to seeing some old friends that have recently arrived in SLC, as well as those coming out for New Years, and then my quick trip up to Jackson Hole to meet up with UVMSSC!

-Until something else pops into my head that I want to talk about,

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