Monday, March 7, 2011

Midwinter Update

So, it has been some time here. There are a couple reasons for not having updated.
One being a Gnarly Rain event/crust that came in January, providing me with not much reason to write home.
Two, has been the inception of Rad Company, the best thing to hit Snowbird since the game of GNAR. Basically it is just a group of friends who go out, ski hard, and have more fun than you.

Since then we have received a whole boatload of storms, I have filmed some video, and generally been enjoying myself and working too much to have time to make an update.

Currently, I am staying on at indefinitely in Customer Service full time, but am always looking for new and exciting career opportunities.

More recently, my good friends back in Vermont and around the Skiing community have been mourning the loss of Friend and all around Badass, Ryan Hawks.

Since hearing about this, my skiing has improved, and I have been trying to be like Ryan, always having a smile on my face, and being stoked on everyone having fun on skis. The world will be a better place if we all try to be a bit like Ryan. I only had the privilege of hanging out with Ryan a hand full of times the 5 years I knew him. He lived on the same floor as a girlfriend freshman year, and then was pretty good friends with one of my roommates the next 3 years. I have never met a person that always had such a big grin and was enjoying life as much as Ryan. This weekend is the US Freeskiing Finals at Snowbird, and I hope they will be doing something for him as I couldn't be home to support my friends in VT. RIP Bud.

That being said, here are a few video links from the past couple weeks, mostly February.
copy those and paste them into your browser.

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