Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching up V2.0

Hello all, hope you have not stopped following, and that you all can see this. It has been quite busy month, and I am sorry I have not updated in a long time. After the last post, we got something to the tune of 70 inches in a week, which was amazing. Pow days every day for a week, cannot complain about that. Its been on and off high pressure and snow flurries, but nothing substantial since then. Besides skiing, I have been searching for Jobs in Burlington or Mass, and am still unsure as to where I will be living this summer.
Nothing much else going on in terms of life, just trying to save money to get back east, buy a downhill bike, and find some way to make a whole bunch of money this summer so I can be back in SLC, UT for next winter.

So, I will let the pictures and video of the past month do the talking!

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