Saturday, January 16, 2010

High Pressure and Low Morale, a short update

Well, not quite low morale, but not having a significant snowfall since December 30th has proved to be trying for people. The bar has been busy, work has slowed down from a full lodge of 47 to 27, and some peoples tempers have been shortened.

The skiing hasn't been terrible, but its been much easier to take days off and not need to ski every day. This coming week there are numerous storms moving in, hopefully providing us with a substantial snowfall to cover up those last rocks and get our base up closer to 100 % as we are only at 50-70 percent of normal for this point in the season.

I have started to think about what is going to happen this summer, and there are many options, but right now the most financially productive would be heading to Medfield, bartending for my pops country club, and potentially managing a bike shop as two of our guests own a shop in Boston and potentially offered me a job. The other options would be working in SLC and living out here, or anywhere else out west.

I had a good time down canyon last night hanging out with Luke, Adam, and Clayton, some friends from school, and today skied in the morning and now am relaxing with a glass of Buffalo Trace Burbon, trying to clear my head of some confusion and thinking I've been doing recently. Once the snow comes, that will help as well.


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